Starting something new

Ok, so I’ve finally taken the leap into the blogging community. This has been a long pondered thought, which I suppressed due to feelings of inadequacy, leading myself to believe that my thoughts and opinions were not necessary and that no one would want to read them. On the contrary, I have finally realised that these are the kind of thoughts I need to banish.

I’ve been reading several blogs for a few months now, and have constantly been astounded by the support and community feel that exists. At this stage in my recovery I feel that a community that inspires and supports an attempt to battle my ED would be amazing.

But I don’t just want to sit and whine about my eating disorder, I also want to share the creative things that I make, such as:

Necklace featuring home-made fimo beads

A beautiful 'pinks' flower from my garden. I'm not sure if they are actually called pinks, but my dad has always called them this, so I adopted it!

to receive feedback, inspire others, and be inspired.

I’m sure I will post again soon, with more of a story.

Happy Tuesday




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5 responses to “Starting something new

  1. thank you for the comment! what your brother said…it actually helped me through the snack I was eating while I read that. Seriously! thank you.

    and i love comments, the longer the better. so never apologize for mega-length! lol

  2. I got your link from Emily who did a guest blog on Searching For Peace. I think it’s WONDERFUL that you’ve made up your mind to join the blogging world :). I have an ED, I’m not in recovery YET but soon WILL BE :D. Right now I need ALL the motivation I can get. And I’m thinking this is a GREAT place to get it. 🙂

  3. Hey

    Just found you through Dana’s blog and wanted to say welcome! I love the gorgeous flower and necklace 🙂

    Sarah x

  4. dmcgirl37

    You know how happy I am that you started your own blog 🙂

    Those flowers are beautiful!

    Dana xo

  5. Hi! I came over from a link on Searching for Peace. I’m a Registered Dietitian, but I’m also an ED survivor so I just wanted to offer you some support on what is a very difficult journey. Never give up hope, keep trying despite every struggle and know that you can do it.

    Georgie Fear RD

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