I wish…

I wish I had more time

I wish I felt more prepared for my exams

I wish I was excited for my second university interview

I wish I wasn’t jeopardizing my recovery

I wish I could concentrate

I wish my smile was real

I wish, I wish, I wish you cared.



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2 responses to “I wish…

  1. Juliette

    Stay strong Sophie,
    I wish..you felt strong enough to go for your intervieuw and show everybody that you’re such a great, wonderful, smart girl.
    Think of your future and of everything you have been dreaming of. Even if sometimes there are heavy clouds covering these dreams they are still there waiting for you, because they will come true! You have to believe it!
    Please, stay strong!

  2. i’ve been there. i really have.

    but it will pass. things might seem hopeless and overwhelming at times, but the dark times will always pass if you push through them.

    the one thing you CAN NOT do, though, is risk your recovery. if the stress of everything in your life is too much right now, then you may have to find some things to let go of, be it a few classes or outside obligations. you have to put you first.

    and i know it’s not much, but i care. i care a lot and your comments on my blog always make me really happy and even though i can’t physically be there, i’m still there for you. really! e-mail me!


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