I didn’t get into University

My world is crashing

I am off to an inpatient facility in a matter of days

Yes, Life feels hopeless.



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4 responses to “Blank

  1. love 😦 im so sorry. its not hopeless at all. you just have to take it one day at a time. please message/email me any time okay? you’re going to be fine xoxoxoxox

  2. And it is about to get 100% better. That is a promise.
    Wait for it.

  3. edprisoner

    o god! hi im sarah iv been following ur blog for i dunno…for forever- iv read every single post uv written- it is like i am writing this blog we are so alike its scary- please dont give up- u r not alone- i understand- please b brave keep fighting hun- u can do this, WE can do this- i know treatment is probaly scaring the shit outta u right now but it SAVE ur life- pleassssssssssssse embrace it! bid hugs! ox

  4. HUGS and :love: hun. I know the feeling when EVERYTHING falls down around you. You MIGHT dislike me for saying this, but I.P. MIGHT give you hope to get better in a way it did for me (ok just a bit) still the magnesium I.V. they put in me while I was in scared me enough to make me NOT want to go back. Not to mention the food so much, the ONLY regret I have is NOT staying in LONGER. 3 days (not even) after I was discharged I was back to my old way. PLEASE STAY in as LONG as you CAN!

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