This is where I come up short.

I am Sophie, a 17 year old currently drifting through life in unpredictable England. I enjoy reading, riding my bike, singing and JuJitsu.

I had my life overthrown by an ED, which when restricting my input, restricted my life completely, I have gone from being fun-loving, sociable and independent teen, to being a reclusive child who is dependant on her mum for everything. I’m not slating my mum, she is amazing. I’m now trying to rediscover myself, whilst also becoming physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy.

This quest started after realising that getting over an ED meant more than just gaining weight. I learnt this the hard way, by gaining weight in hospital, with little or no psychological support, only to loose it once I got out. So now the focus has changed, as this is no longer a quick fix, I cannot just fall asleep and forget it. I want to be more than this, I want to be greater than just an anorexic, I want a life.

My baby.


3 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for stoping by my blog! I will have to start following yours, I am sure we can offer eachother support (and em..commiseration at times?)

    By the way — don’t get sown on yourself about having “lost time” to anorexia. I know EXACTLY how that feels…I am 32. Your still young! Plenty of time to turn your “mess” into your “message.”

    SO jealous of your bike, Lady.

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  3. Just found your blog. I can really relate to what your going through, your not alone in this!
    ❤ stay strong.

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